Tuesday, July 26, 2022

Artist VS art for sale

A drop in sea water, or a pebble in a mountain, if you can feel it though or hear it, it might be noisy at one time or pleasant at other times. Or .. you may not feel it at all!. 
There are tons of artists who make art in every countable second, so many of them who talk art, live art, dream art, practise art, and their art really good. they aim to find their own way to market or show their works between the hustle and bustle and chaos inside the artists circle with so many considerations that could be the responsible result of lifting up and fame some of them. 

Well this is the case! I remember one of the book I have read many years ago when it was first published, it grabbed the attention of the art world. It's called - Seven Days In the Art World - By Sarah Thornton. This is one of the remarkable books that influenced a lot of people's interest in the art world, I have to mention here that this book is not the book that is going to change the artist's life, in addition there are other books in the market that talk specifically about the hidden and unseen fields and halls to reveal some secrets in purpose of education and raise awareness of the artists and the art collectors. 

Let me go back to the book, the author in this book didn't only exhibit the art world venues through displaying them in their conventional hierarchy, on the contrary she literary helped to highlight and characterize every venue as if she is trying to simplify the complexity of it and in some parts she exposed opinions, discussions, places, celebrities, discoveries to the preferable artworks, or artists. in nutshell, you are going to know the art world through the professionals who are in control of it. 

Nevertheless, there is much similarity between the above mentioned and if you are familiar and following the stock market exchange news, you will definitely have a feeling of what's going on in the art world. Power and authority have been given and made by the richest and who would not only did their own diligent by working day and night and who would not only think of ideas, and would not only convert these ideas into reality, they are rocket stars who think different than the other in their industries, their power and authority bigger and stiffer in a way nothing would diminish or weaken it unless if they wanted to. 

In the opposite direction, in everyday basis, you see new investors entering the stock market bidding with their own money, ideas and businesses to experience anger, stress and most of the times losses and then they leave to disappear. Collaboration might rescue them if they are lucky enough and their business and functionality could convince some of the big heads in the power and authority sectors. 

you are probably knows about penny stocks, you can buy them now and wait and then wait and don't forget to check on the companies how they're doing, if they are still in the market or not, or if they are making any profits. Some companies continues operating and functioning even they don't make any profits, check on them, they might be working in developing and improving the quality of their performances and the production line. The ups and downs and the digital indicators don't always reflect the reality and gives you the actual weigh and value of the companies in their industrial sectors especially if the economical value of the industry is very huge in comparison to the local economy, therefore to the international economy. in another world try to find out where they are!. 

Until now, I think I explained enough about the artist VS artwork for sale. In general good artists know how to value themselves before somebody else does, they see themselves through their art, good artist don't compare themselves to others, because by the years of performing and making art, they already set their own standard that distinguish them from others. 

I see art as commodity, in spite of the fact that not everybody see it the same as me. but as long as it's up for sale, it's a commodity just like anything else and it's going to wait for somebody or anybody to buy it. Most of the buyers buy art because they like it, regardless of what it is and who made it, as long as it looks good on their walls. some others buy art because they like the artist, some artist are really lovable, they are gifted with irresistible personality that could be the reason for their fame and make their art salable. 

We live in an open world, where everything is exposed, so art that came out of it, is to reflect and uncover the reality of it. As a result, living artists worth the best attention and support, because simply without them working on making and producing art, the art world won't be exist. 

Friday, January 7, 2022

Silk Roads in update status

The Silk Roads became the tangible metaphorical synonym for the continuous journey that we all forced to continue living under it's umbrella for centuries past, under the pressure of so many circumstances that control every aspect of our life, and shape who we are now and then. 
Silk roads started way back in the second century in China and the term silk roads used for the network roads created by rulers and warriors for the traders to exchange goods and ideas between the world diverse cultures, and to get to my point I have to explain more, so please bear with me. 
In order to understand the concept of silk roads, I have to highlight the important facts that have the impact in making and changing the map of the silk roads over decades of operation either by land or by sea. 

Natural recourses play an important role in determining the geographical map of moving the trade routs according to the global legal agreements and I meant to mention the law here because we need to conserve these recourses from looting and illicit agreements through the black market. Furthermore, these recourses controlled by political and economical power to help discovering, extracting and then preparing these recourses to making their own way to the interior and external markets.
Human recourse, we can't only talk about the pioneers in the world of knowledge and the educational revolutions that focus in developing the quality of human mentally and physically because we need every person in this world to build it and this could create a trade method base on social division of human energies accompany by other considerations related to social and cultural level, therefore this has negative impact on countries with social and cultural backwardness. 

Slavery phenomenon took so many shapes and ways since it started until now, it was completely base on that division and regardless to whom was controlling the power of moving the human trading between east and west, more important as I'm talking about the silk roads we have to focus on the result of this phenomenon in moving working hands, spreading ideas, trading handcrafts and above all as a consequence of coexistence with the environment; I have to mention grafting to create and produce new gene generations with different mental and physical nature, so definitely these changing should effect the cycle of the trade routs either by opening a new venues or by closing some others. 
Technological developments and this fact has a long history of the world of inventions starting from inventing a paper and a pen to reaching out the moon. The silk roads have been rotated in many directions through the centuries because of these inventions, because simply people moves looking for a better and easier life some looking for luxury and more developed places following the highest technological lifestyle and trying to participate and be part of this developments. some others living basic lifestyle, still they have to plant and make their own food and invent their devices to make their life easier and this kind of living can attract a certain group of people who has the experiences to coexist with primitive daily problems.

Political and economic challenges, have big impact in determining the path of the silk roads. areas with political power and high economic profiles have opened market allowing for more trading opportunities and attracting more recourses from and to the rest of the world. Leaders in the world of economy and politic aware of their power to dominate the international market and determine the marketing areas and the trading points. this reality has been in constant change since life began on this earth, through the establishment of empires to kingdoms and the division of small areas. 

We should not ignore talking about humanitarian revolution as result of dominance and monopoly of the strongest and this is a natural reaction as a human and history have witnessed so many kinds of resistance against the roles or against oppression or even against any changing in their living. However this fact is very important in changing the map of the silk roads following the changing in the hierarchy of political and economic forces. 

The conclusion should be the guide to us to understand what is going on now because we are living the pandemic era a choking reality that makes the world swing in all directions to deal with this tragedy and find loopholes to call it off. The silk roads map has been changed, roads blocked to stop the spread of this disease and the increase of deaths and damages . New roads have opened to take over and make a revolutionary new era where everything has a new language needs to be perceived with a new vision. 
The silk roads in the update status, it’s still uploading and we don’t know what’s in it for us!

Saturday, May 1, 2021

Conversation with walls

Conversation with walls
A picture of an empty wall

The art world should fear artists who work on the walls. What made me start writing my blog with this statement is that I wanted to find a way to reduce the tensions caused by dealing with walls. I have been an artist for a good period of time and to me walls as a main characteristic that play the important role in the artist life and career, regardless to whom afforded them and why they afforded them. 

Talking about walls have so many pivots, that could be the reason why artists continue to work and grow as an artist or .. the opposite.

For the artist, when the wall is an empty field, he has to hunt for the best fatty prey and shoot his arrows to show off who he is. He ( or she) would spend hundreds of hours, yes hundreds of hours facing and standing in front of the walls, getting hit with all sorts of anxiety disorders accompany with brave thoughts to reach his best out of his performance and discouraged with the dominant criteria that could set his art a side, unseen; to sadly facing his rejected work every single day not knowing how to fight for him self and not knowing how to proceed in his career leaving him behind weak and defeated. That's why I said fear them!.

To generalize the situation for all hand crafts and their makers without diminishing the importance of people who sets in their offices facing their computers days and nights, please fear them! I'm here to talk on behalf of my self and the artist who agree with me, it's my complete personal opinion.

In every painting the artists goes through different superimposed feeling and barriers that might stop him from painting for a while not knowing what to do and how to continue because it's hard some time to deal with some parts of his painting, and the fear of failing would make him cautious and alert of thinking and moving in all direction to find the way to finish the painting, not easy, so please fear them. 

For artist, making a group of paintings believe me it's not easy at all, to keep in the consistency and add their own touches and get their trade mark in the way they paint. It is hard and the more they do it the more it narrows their audience and their niche market, which could have a positive impact in their career. You hear artist saying I know what to paint and I know who will like my painting and I know who is going to buy it. 

The negative impact happened, when he is not the only one in the market and he is not the only one who serves this specific niche and as if we are talking about art as a commodity. Some goods can find their own way to the buyers and some goes with the wind and it's not about good or bad, it's about how they can reach out to buyers who buy their goods. 

The conversation didn't start yet and even if it did start there would be fifteen hundred blocks that could limit the conversation to go as the following;

Me: Hi walls
Walls: NO
Me: I'm Eiman, Artist 
Walls: Hmm, NO
Me: I Make good art.
Walls: ..............
Me: Hey, I'm still here, can you hear me. 
Walls: .................
Me: ?!
Walls: .

Thursday, March 4, 2021

The Maze of old masters

Oil painting by Eiman Muiny
Details of some of my oil paintings

Ever since I started painting in oil, I'm fascinated about the old masters paintings and simply, that's what got me into art. I used to think of them as something from the fantasy world, fills me with awe and appreciation to something very unique and unreachable and I said unreachable because it took me a while to figure out about the classical approach in painting and drawing and what make things more complicated,  With each oil painting courses and every book I read and every single information I could put my hand on, I learned something different and sometimes incompatible. And in general each one of these methods; want to teach their own way in painting from start to finish and it doesn't matter if it's right or wrong because at the end you will go out and do your own thing. 

Notwithstanding, these sources form some sort of catalyst sanctuary and at the same time it's terrifying, through raising the awareness of understanding the complexity and the incongruity inside the lost secret of old master paintings and techniques.


Over the years, I have changed and followed many methodical ways in painting classic and you can see it obvious and tangible in the way I approached painting if you follow me in my social media like Instagram, in every painting I implemented different techniques from start to finish from different sources for different era and let me throw my confession here about reaching out the world of perfection and clarify this point of view, It's hard and you need to have that type of determined unfearful courage to proceed to learn and then practise your learning without thinking if your execution is right or wrong and you have to be ready to accept the failure under any type of criteria, because you'll surrounding with stiff walls, their jobs is to tell you, you aren't good enough and the more you try, the more it's get harder and harder. 

Let me take you with me inside this journey when I felt completely enchanted with MARIANA by Sir John Everett Millais from the Pre Raphaelite, I thought Jan Van Eyck who painted this painting when I first saw it. The painting is one of these paintings which I can stare at it forever, the selective colour palette to create the story and the scene, the gesture of the girl stretching her back after working for long time on the embroidery laying down on the table, gives the sense of waiting, the leaves that connect the interior with the exterior through her looking at the marvelous window. The gorgeous blue in the girl velvet dress , the bright velvet red on the seat, and the gold, all the elements knitted together to produce this master piece. 

This painting was the starting point behind spreading my net over learning the old master paintings and techniques.

It was an exhaustion procedure to reach out all the master painters and their techniques like Filippino Lippi, Hans Holbein, Anthony van Dyck, Michelangelo, Leonardo Davinci, Johannes Vermeer, Rembrandt Van Rijn, Sir Peter Paul Rubens. Apparently the science behind their techniques and their understanding the chemical aspect of the reaction of the materials between pigments and binders and between surface and ground which dominant their skillful norms effected by the nature of their lives at that time.

And again the criteria that been considered for master painters were very competitively high and the quality of their performances in making, mixing and grinding, furthermore the ways they approached drawing and painting were very precision. However they weren't all the same Vermeer was different than Van Dyck, Leonardo was different than Rembrandt, and Ruben alone was a mystery to me when he sharpened his potential and tools depending on sources like animals, plants and earthen pigments and making them into painting. 

I'm not sure where I am right now between all that and I could write endless pages about my experience through years, to me it's a maze and I'm lost inside its secret. 


Saturday, August 1, 2020

Queen's Dance

 Queen's Dance, that's the name of this painting. However, you may wonder, why I chose this name? Well, I will tell you, it might be my reaction to all the frustration and the circumstances with little of the isolations and fears; we are all experiencing it now a days.
So today, I'm going to show you my last painting which I actually finished a month ago, and as I always do, even after posting the painting to the public in my social media, I keep working on it for a while until I achieve that type of finishing satisfaction.

Since art is one of the ways to transit the unseen image to a visual image which make art a marvelous tool to depict anything even if it's the impossible.
Queen's Dance is the impossible!! Ha.. Because it's A dream, especially for us when we have to live through the lockdown and when the lockdown might be the best case scenario that could take our lives to the next level.

Again Queen's Dance is the sweet dream, every one of us should live. It's like when you own your own courtyard and do whatever it takes you to build it.. Travel, fight, plant, plan, reap, love, hate, win, lose, encounter, escape, leave, stay, work.. Oh, work, non stop work, work for it, work hard or work smart or whatever!

Again Queen's Dance is to live your moment with extreme happiness by juxtaposed assortments of objects of your choice, don't worry about your ownership.. It's A DREAM, you can add.. delete, you can edit then modify then post, you can sort things by making them big or small, you can move stuff, change stuff, whatever you want. It's A DREAM.

This painting challenged me from the time I started to map it out. The girl was inspired by someone I saw dancing at a party once. Then I thought of the yellow dress as a symbol of joy and at the same time a symbol of envy, anger. The dress is a sum of three dresses I put them together to design the one she is wearing, it might be too much but she is the dancing queen in A DREAM.
Behind her I added a corridor inspired by the Ancient Greek with an ending Iznik wall from Turkey. A luxury vase from the Palace of Versailles, made of Malachite and gold something from the renaissance and the Baroque to the Neoclassical to the Chinese empire depicted in the two dragons on the two sides of it. The lion head with a ring in it's mouth was a symbol of the Great Britain for Centuries.

Let's talk about the legend, shy stunning red Amaryllis flower painted with Vermilion colour, hmm…once spotted it feels like a love story from the old ancient time preserved in a China pot coloured with Lapis Lazuli, that means we are still moving in the same luxury royal classical scene for a queen to dance in her empire on a chess ground in her courtyard which means that the lady horse is mandatory to be owned. In some gaming chess culture, the queen can gallop like a horse and the horse has the right to jump over the blockades and has the right to attack - it's the grandeur of being a queen and the power through authority- period.

I should admit that I'm not a big fan of watching movies but I think everybody has some sort of mindset to use their imagination to invent fiction's fact and make it real. To me I love to read history, the old ancient art history from different civilization and investigate all about old masters and the history of making them.

Finally, My steady statement behind this painting should not exceed my humble thought, that Queen's dance is a manifesto in the age of Covid-19!